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Skeptical examination of alleged “holocaust grave discoveries” exposes extensive scientific fraud


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Are the remains of over 2.1 million jews

really buried in the 100 alleged mass graves?


It is alleged in orthodox historiography that; during WW II - hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of corpses were buried in numerous “huge mass graves” at Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II. However, despite all the deceptive allegations to the contrary, the truth is; the largest (in terms of quantity of remains) of the one hundred graves / cremation pits that are alleged to have been “scientifically proven” to currently exist at these sites, in which verified human remains have been tangibly located via bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented archaeology; contained the remains of - ONLY SIX PEOPLE.





Those who believe the fake news alleging these 100 “scientifically proven” graves are invited to accept the



Can you conclusively substantiate the fraudulent mass graves / buried remains allegations?








 The site of the       alleged graves

The # of fraudulently alleged scientifically proven graves

The # of jews who allegedly magically disappeared

The method allegedly used by the Germans to conceal the graves



600,000 *

Dig the bodies out of the alleged gigantic pits and then burn them on huge pyres made from railroad rails; then throw all the bones and teeth back into the same alleged gigantic pits and then cover all the physical evidence with: “A thick layer of sand.”



300,000 **



70,000 **



250,000 *

Treblinka II


925,000 *

* * * * *

Total  -  100

  Total  -  2,145,000   -   * USHMM / ** Yad Vashem


Remember - we are only figuring the number of fraudulently alleged buried jews here.


(There are tens of thousands of non-jews alleged to be buried in these “huge mass graves” as well.)


The site of the      alleged graves

The weight of the alleged remains that would have been left behind - IF - the story is true

The number of teeth that would be mixed in with the alleged millions of pounds of bone fragments


4.380 million pounds *

19.200 million


2.190 million pounds *

9.600 million


.511 million pounds *

2.240 million


1.825 million pounds *

8.000 million

Treblinka II

6.753 million pounds *

29.600 million

* Calculations are derived from figures used by Arnulf Neumaier in his treatise on - TREBLINKA


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No credible / ethical investigator would maliciously call a skeptic a “holocaust denier”


for simply asking to see the alleged “scientific proof” that these mass graves actually exist


or steadfastly refuse to show someone any human remains that they are allegedly “denying.”


(Remember, one cannot “deny” something that does not exist or that has never been proven to be true.)


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By examining each “proven mass grave” allegation separately, an intelligent person can easily see


just how utterly vacuous and criminally fraudulent this transparent archaeological hoax really is.


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* The 33 so-called “scientifically proven” mass graves of Belzec are shown and numbered in the map in this link here:

BELZEC MAP   (#1/1 though #33/33 of the alleged 100)


* The 21 so-called “scientifically proven” mass graves of Chelmno are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

CHELMNO MAPS   (#1/34 though #21/54 of the alleged 100)


* The first 6 so-called “scientifically proven” mass graves of Ponary are shown and numbered in the map in this link here:

PONARY MAP   (#1/55 though #6/60 of the alleged 100)

The 7th so-called “scientifically proven” mass grave of Ponary is discussed in this link here:

PONARY ARTICLE & VIDEO   (#7/61 of the alleged 100)


* The 24 so-called “scientifically proven” mass graves of Sobibor are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

SOBIBOR MAPS   (#1/62 though #24/85 of the alleged 100):

* The 15 so-called “scientifically proven” mass graves of Treblinka II are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

TREBLINKA MAPS   (#1/86 though #15/100 of the alleged 100)

The criminal fraud of the latest so-called “forensic / archaeological investigation” of Treblinka II is exposed in this documentary here:

THE TREBLINKA ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX   (This transparent charade has been played out in essentially the same manner at all 5 sites.)








To cravenly refuse to bet that you can prove what you allege has been proven,


is a tacit admission that you know what you allege - has not been proven.


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A $1,000.00 bet - can be made for each one of the 100 fraudulently alleged / insinuated - mass graves / cremation pits - of Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II - wagering that you can prove they have been scientifically proven to actually exist and to currently contain the remains of at least 21 people.


To accept - THE $100,000.00 HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE - simply challenge Greg Gerdes (see contact information below) to accept the following - Prove That It Has Been Proven - Wager:


I, _?_, am so confident that the so-called Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II “holocausts” happened as alleged in orthodox historiography, and that the scientific / archaeological / forensic investigations of said “holocausts” were legitimate and the alleged findings validated; that I am willing to bet Greg Gerdes $1,000.00 that I can definitively prove - in an online debate and in a U.S. civil court - that there is a preponderance of conclusively substantiated and documented scientific / archaeological / forensic evidence which proves, with 100 % certainty, that grave number _?_ currently contains the remains of no less than _?_ people.

Furthermore, I agree that if I refuse to answer any question or get caught lying during our debate or while in court - I lose the bet / case right then and there.


Note: The grave that you are wagering on must coincide with the answer you give to question 21, 22, 23, 24 or 25 in the following questionnaire (which you must complete and submit along with your challenge): THE HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX - Mass Graves / Buried Remains - Forensic Evaluation Form.


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What kind of self-deceiving coward calls a skeptic of their unsubstantiated allegations a


“denier” - yet is unwilling to bet that they can prove what they so vehemently allege is true?


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Additionally, and independent of the $100,000.00 Holocaust Archaeology Hoax Challenge, a - $100.00 reward - is being offered for each one of the 100 alleged graves / cremation pits in question that is proven - with the same standard of proof applied in U. S. civil courts - to actually exist and to currently contain, or to have been collected from, the remains of - at least 2 people. (Which is less than 1 / 10,000 of 1% of the alleged buried remains.)


To begin the incredibly easy process of laying claim to each reward and to set all requisite rules:


First - Potential claimants must submit their answers to Part One of the:


THE HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX - Mass Graves / Buried Remains - Forensic Evaluation Form   (See contact information below.)

Second - Potential claimants must then request and confirm receipt of the official rules.


Third - Potential claimants must then submit their alleged preponderance of scientific evidence directly to Greg Gerdes for his endorsement.


Note: Potential claimants may be required to post their submittal on an approved website - and successfully defend it. In such cases, they must also - publicly pledge to sue Greg Gerdes in a U.S. civil court - (sans a jury and both sides pro se legal representation) if they refuse to accept a negative ruling.


Also note: Eligible potential claimants for any monetary disbursement offered on this website will be allowed to personally examine the proof that the ways and means to make good on their promised payment truly exists - and if they so choose, have said proven remittance amount be entrusted to an escrow agent.


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Remember: If the alleged Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II “holocausts” really did happen, then there actually would be numerous discernable extant huge mass graves filled with the remains of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people to prove it. So this is not a historical issue per se; this is clearly about - SCIENCE - and all that is being done here is the common-sense act of simply asking to see the alleged “archaeological proof” that the true-believers insist is so “undeniable.” Remember also - it is ipso facto proof of fraud - if a scientist refuses to answer pertinent questions about their alleged / insinuated discoveries:



“Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to


speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.”


U.S. vs. Prudden - U.S. Court of Appeals - Fifth Circuit - April 1970


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Note: Not one person who espouses the orthodox stories of these five so-called “holocausts within the holocaust” and/or has fallen for the big “scientifically proven” lie, has ever mustered the courage and integrity to accept a - HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE. What are they so afraid of? (They’re terrified - because they know they have been forensically cornered - and by accepting a challenge, they will expose who the real deniers / liars are.)







The  Ukrainian  “holocaust  by  bullets”  Addendum


Are 1.5 million jews really buried in the 800 “forensically proven” Ukrainian mass graves?


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“Throughout my research for this project, I was often told that the camps, the ghettos, the synagogues, and the stones of the jewish cemeteries had disappeared, and that nothing remained. Eventually, I no longer paid any attention to these claims... I had made up my mind to find the mass graves... I knew that I had to carry on looking, and I knew that I would find what I was looking for... It became obvious that my research could no longer be reduced to an empirical approach. I had to “professionalize” it... there was a protocol to be implemented on the ground... Using GPS, we marked down the coordinates of the mass graves... Then we carried out a ballistic inquiry... Back in Busk... so that no one could object that we didn't have material proof... The excavations were organized with the help of archaeologists... we wanted to obtain scientific results as precise as possible in terms of the identity of the victims, their number, and the cause of death... We were able to establish whether it was a man, a woman, or a child and above all the cause of death. The impact of the bullets and the position of the bodies showed that they had all been shot... Once the archaeological study was finished, we had to cover these graves...”


Patrick Desbois, author of - THE HOLOCAUST BY BULLETS - a priest's journey to uncover the truth behind the murder of 1.5 million jews


“Before Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec... over 1.5 million [jews] had already been murdered... and the locations of the mass graves where they lay remained unknown and unmarked... until the extraordinary work of Father Desbois opened a way forward... to locate the mass graves of the victims in Ukraine and... We can now know the whole truth... Through a magical marriage of the evidence... Desbois has added astonishing ballistic and forensic findings as well - we are finally able to see clearly. The first 1.5 million victims of the holocaust did not “disappear” ...Desbois has found the mass graves where the victims lie...”


Paul Shapiro (director, center for advanced holocaust studies, USHMM) author of the forward to - THE HOLOCAUST BY BULLETS

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Additionally, and independent of any other reward offered on this website, a reward of $50.00 will be remitted for each one of the alleged - 800 MASS GRAVES - (the explicitly alleged number claimed to have been “uncovered” by the date of - 05 / 04 / 08) that is proven to actually exist and to currently contain the remains of - at least one gunshot victim. Rules are essentially the same as those for The $10,000.00 Holocaust Archaeology Hoax Challenge. Contact Greg Gerdes for details.


FYI: Here is an extensive exposé that quashes these shameless Ukrainian mass grave allegations and shines the light on Patrick Desbois’ - FORENSIC FRAUD.


Note: When the so-called “forensically proven” Ukrainian “holocaust by bullets” is combined with the fraudulently alleged “archaeologically proven holocausts” of Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II, you get a total of over 3.6 million jews allegedly buried in 900 “huge mass graves.” That is - over 60% - of the fraudulently alleged “proven” holocaust. So anyone who alleges that the sacred six million figure is a proven fact - is either extremely ignorant or a bald-faced liar.


Are you now beginning to understand why the true-believers are so afraid of debating critical thinking skeptics who have taken the time and have made the effort to investigate all these unsubstantiated mass grave allegations? How can anyone with an IQ above 60 not see through this criminally fraudulent charade? Are you now beginning to understand why all these big-lies require - LAWS - to protect them? (What you have learned on this website is just the tip of the iceberg.) Do you have the common sense to understand that all lies are told for a reason? Do you have the intelligence to EDUCATE YOURSELF about why these big-lies are being told? Do you have the courage, integrity and character to admit to yourself that these fraudulently alleged “huge mass grave discoveries” are in fact blatantly fake news? If you don’t, then why are you so afraid to put your money where your mealy-mouth is and accept a - HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE?


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The so-called “jewish holocaust of WW II” myth - as alleged in orthodox historiography,


is an officially mandated, religiously based narrative enforced by indoctrination and intimidation.


When a single interpretation and explanation of an alleged historical event is maintained by force of law,




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All information on this website constitutes a fair use of any copyrighted material as provided

for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. Last updated on 3 / 11 / 22. All rights reserved.


For more information, contact - Greg Gerdes - at:


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Why do people continue to espouse demonstrably false claims even after being

 confronted with the incontrovertible facts that refute them? Because you can’t

 convince a true-believer of anything - for their beliefs are not based on science

 and reason - they’re based on blind faith and a weak-willed NEED to believe.

Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool critical thinkers - but rather;

Only to give self-deceiving cowards an excuse not to think at all.

* * * * *

A hallmark of self-deceiving cowards is their acceptance of

 authority as their truth - rather than the truth as their authority.

(It is easier to fool them than to convince them that they have been fooled.)

* * * * *

Remember, this is a - SCIENTIFIC - issue, and all this fraud investigation

 is doing is simply asking to see the alleged “archaeological proof” for the

 mass graves that is supposed to be - “undeniable.” The fact that the jews

 are screaming “antisemitism” rather than providing the requested proof

 tells you all you need to know about this immoral archaeological hoax.

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Belief is the enemy of knowing.

Show me that which you allege I deny.